As a father of young children, I am deeply concerned about the state of Missouri while my children grow. 

They should be able to choose a future in Missouri because of the opportunities here.  In Missouri, we 

should have the freedom to live, work, learn, worship, and protect ourselves, now and forever.

Property Rights

Property rights, including mineral rights, should be protected like any other right.  A property owner should be able to utilize their property in any manner they see fit as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others.  Eminent domain is a tactic that should only be used in the most dire of circumstances and never for private development.  When that happens, the government is, in effect, choosing winners and losers instead of protecting its citizens.


Education is one of the most important factors that will determine the future of our state and our nation.  Schools and teachers must have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the students.  A one-size-fits-all approach in every facet of education does not work.  Because of the changing economy, access to quality, affordable higher education has become more important than ever.  Students should be able to work their way through college without leaving with a huge pile of debt.  Helping them achieve this goal helps us all by allowing them to participate in the economy instead of paying off student loans.


The biggest contributor to Missouri’s economy is agriculture.  As such, we must defend our right to farm against the harmful and needless regulations being imposed from Washington D.C.  Because of the dysfunction in our federal government, regulations are being put in place that will cost us jobs.  Therefore, we need to diversify and grow our economy as much as possible to be able to weather the storm coming from the feds.  Missouri must be a place that is easy to start, grow, and maintain all types of businesses.  We need to be able to give businesses with good paying jobs in other states reasons to relocate here.  A business friendly environment must include a competitive tax structure, quality infrastructure, and a skilled and educated workforce.

Health Care

As we have seen recently, government run health care leaves much to be desired.  Without competition, there is no incentive to deliver high-quality service.  We only need to look to the north to see what happens to costs and quality when the government is the sole provider of health care.  Long waits, sub-par quality, and high costs permeate the government run system. At the same time, it should be easier to see the costs associated with services from different providers in the same network. We should be able to see what knee replacement surgery costs in St. Louis compared to Rolla.  If we can see what a new car costs at every dealership in the nation, shouldn’t we be able to see how much a procedure is going to cost at different hospitals in the same state?

Second Amendment

The right to bear arms is a liberty defined and protected by the Bill of Rights.  Any action against law-abiding citizens to restrict this liberty is an act of tyranny.  The possession and use of firearms for defensive and sporting purposes has been a part of our heritage for as long as they have been around.  Because the criminals will always find a way to acquire deadly weapons, we must be able to protect ourselves against them.


All life is precious and should be protected.  I have never understood the mentality of some who say that capital punishment of a convicted murderer is cruel and unusual, but the murder of an unborn child is acceptable.  Tragic ideology such as this has led to the demoralization and desensitization of our society.