My name is Jason Chipman and I am the State Representative of Missouri's 120th District.  The three reasons I ran for office are FAMILY, LIBERTY, and LEADERSHIP

FAMILY is everything.  It is, and should be, the foundation our decisions are based on.  Why should the decisions made by our government be any different?  Why shouldn't the first question asked in any legislative debate be "How will this affect families?"  Of course, not all families will be affected the same way.

Therefore, we must be at LIBERTY to address the issue in a manner of our own choosing.  Every time we have a liberty taken from us, we lose the freedom to choose.  That's how we ended up with "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan."

The only way to guarantee our liberties is through LEADERSHIP.  We must lead by example.  We must lead by being accountable.  Most importantly, I believe we must use our position of influence to remove the barriers that impede prosperity for all.

As a long-time resident of Crawford and Phelps counties, I understand many of the issues facing our district.  You deserve a Representative that knows the area and the people who make it great.  My mission as your State Representative will be to reduce waste, preserve property rights, prevent and discard needless regulations, and ensure that families are able to make their own decisions on how best to take care of themselves.